Great friends, haircut boost woman’s spirits

Sometimes you have friends, but you don’t fully understand the friendship until something happens in life. Here’s a story that Fridge Magnet found that we think says a lot about friendship, especially the friends of Karon Smith, a nurse who’s worked for many years at Saint Marys Hospital in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.

"I’m Rose Horsman. I am a nurse from Saint Marys. A friend and colleague, Karon, has pancreatic cancer and does not have much time with us. Her one and only dream was to have her hair cut and styled by Nick Arrojo at his studio in New York. Nick can be seen on the TLC television show "What NOT to Wear" where he does the hair styling. He is from England, has his studio in New York, is coming out with his own hair products, and teaches throughout the world.

"Karon was so determined to go to New York and get her hair done by this gentleman. She made an appointment for Oct. 25 for her $400 haircut and style. She had planned to fly with her daughter, Betsy. Unfortunately, she ended up being hospitalized and needed to cancel her dream with no hope of making a future trip.

Now this is the part where the friends enter the picture. Rose continues the tale:

"To make a long story short, on Oct. 29, we picked up Nick at the airport and he created his own salon right in Karon’s home. A few close friends were available to "party" along with her and to help make this a real dream come true!!


"Nick’s first words to Karon were: "Are you Karon Smith? You had an appointment with me in New York at my studio on Wednesday ... and you had to cancel it? Well, since you couldn’t come to New York to me, I decided to come to you. Do you mind if I cut your hair?"

Rose tells us that Karon has been touched by many struggles in life.

"She had to experience tragedy in her life. She lost her first husband to a brain tumor; she raised their wonderful daughter, Betsy, alone. A few years ago, she found happiness and married Steve. Eleven months after their marriage, she lost him to cancer. She continues to maintain her cheerful smile and can bring so much laughter to all of us.

"After Sunday’s event and when she came to understand how this all happened, she made a rather powerful statement:

"It really is amazing what one human being will do for another human being ... without even knowing them."

Indeed it is. By the way, Karon loved her haircut and her friends loved being able to make their friend smile.

Ornithologists are big Fridge Magnet readers. Keep sending us your bird photos. One reader, Ellen Barnett of northwest Rochester, files this report after she noted our Great Blue Heron photo from Tuesday’s Fridge Magnet:

"There has been a Great Blue Heron hanging around the pond in my back yard all summer. We first spotted him on Mother’s Day. He wades around the pond catching frogs."


Bumper bits

Z MOOSE: Is the Moose loose?

M N M1 (M&M 1) Candy, Rapper, Candy Wrapper? Initials of the owners? Not sure.

And here’s one from Carol Skadsem of Rochester:

1DONUTS: This one is indoors these days at the Gingerbread House on North Broadway. "This is my favorite because I love their doughnuts," Carol reported.

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