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Romo headed for home, Lambeau

IRVING, Texas — Tony Romo grew up in Wisconsin rooting for Brett Favre and the Green Bay Packers. Yet, the Cowboys quarterback has been to Lambeau Field only twice in his life.

The only time he went to watch the Packers play was as a teenager, when he and his father made the 150-mile trip from Burlington for a preseason game. Four years ago, Romo was in the game, then the No. 3 quarterback who was holding kicks for the Dallas Cowboys.

So going home this weekend as a two-time Pro Bowl quarterback to start a game at Lambeau Field, with family and friends in the stands, certainly has to be the fulfillment of a childhood dream. Right?

Well, not exactly.


"I don’t think about the stadium like that, like well I wanted to play there. I probably dreamt about playing in the National Football League," Romo said Wednesday. "You have to understand I was also a Bronco fan, I liked John Elway. I liked Joe Montana. That wasn’t the pinnacle."

Instead, Romo looks at Sunday night’s matchup between the Cowboys and Packers — two of the NFC’s five 2-0 teams — as "another game" that is going to be fun to play. Like they all are for him.

"It will be an enjoyable experience to go out to dinner with my parents the night before the game, stuff I might have done when I was younger," Romo said. "But they’ve seen me play. They’ve seen me play against the Packers in a pretty big game. A lot of people have been down here, so I don’t know that it will be a big difference."

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