Happy birthday, Abe: You made America great

Recently, I came across two book reviews by J. Lynne. "Land of Lincoln" by Andrew Ferguson and "Lincoln the Unknown" by Dale Carnegie.

Lynne comments: "No one really knew or knows the real Lincoln. He did not share enough of his personal self in his written words. He seems to have been an excellent politician in that he said just enough without admitting anything."

Carnegie details actions that brought about Lincoln’s tremendous failure in business and politics along with his uncommon sacrifice. He tells of Lincoln living with his law partner. They share a large bed (remember Lincoln was 6-foot-4 inches tall) for five years while barely scraping out a living and failing in business and politics. That is "sacrifice." I would like to have met Lincoln. I bet he would be rather normal. I believe he would say the real heroes are people who are volunteers and employees who care for our elderly and developmentally disabled without reward.

Lynne ends with: "Lincoln has come to stand for the concept that all men are created equal: he has come to embody a unified country, an Everyman, and a symbol of civil rights. He’s a martyr for America, Heck, he is America. If it weren’t for him, America would not be what it is today."

Happy Birthday, Abe.


Paul Piechowski


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