Happy Birthday,Dr. Seuss

My daughter and I cuddle each night.

As we snuggle up tight.

And your stories fit just right.

As we read by the bedside light.

Whether it's Fox in Socks twisting my tongue.


Or as Sam I am.

Runs around with Green Eggs and Ham.

Reading it is so much fun.


; Then there is Horton hatching that egg.

I still love it when you pull my leg.

How about when Horton saves that speck of dust.

Reading it is a must.


You have taken us from you're A, B, C's.

To our eyes and teeth.

We have done sounds with Mr. Brown.

And on Hopping on Pop we have gone up and down.

We know you as Theodore Geisel,

Or as Dr. Seuss.

You were also Theo LeSieg.

Thank you for letting your imagination loose!


Brian Nelson

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss

I am, I am,

green eggs and ham,

a piece of toast

and a spoon of jam.

This is a tribute

to you, Dr. Suess.

Here's toasting you

with a glass of juice.

You're 100 years old,

and you're not alive.

But that doesn't mean

that you still can't jive!

We'll blow out your candles

so make a big wish.

We'll pop some balloons

to add a loud swish!

I am, I am,

green eggs and ham.

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss,

I am, I am!

Virginia Kyle Brokken


Who's in cahoose

The noose is loose around the moose

A fluse drank juice in the caboose

A goose played duece inside a hoose

Whatever happened to Cindy Lou Whoose

Maybe she's in cahoose with Dr. Seuss

Sam Murch


Lime time

Give me a dime

I'll make a rhyme

About a mime

who eats a lime

Oh maybe another time

Sam Murch


Dance the twinch

Give me an inch

Without a pinch

I'll never flinch

Cause it's a cinch

To fly with a finch

You silly glinch

I'll dance the twinch

With the sly Grinch

Sam Murch


A Seussentennial Wish

Happy Birthday to youse!

Happy Birthday dear Seuss!

It's a Seussentennial filled with mirth.

A century since the day of your birth.

That's a really long time

to be rhyming these rhymes.

You taught us to read.

You taught us to think.

You taught us to count,

With pencil and ink.

All young children today

Need guidance as well.

If you ask them, they'll say

Your stories are swell.

You've filled us with joy,

You've given us fun.

But alas and alack,

Your work is not done.

Your Birthday we'll cheer,

At two hundred,

Plus one!

Bill Oswald


A character of rhyme

Know anyone who gets in a jam

By following the antics of a flamboyant flim flam?

Sure, sure, you do!

That someone is me

That someone is you!

Know anyone who at times can be a real grinch;

But whose heart turns to "mush" when someone's in a "pinch"?

Sure, sure, you do!

That someone is me

That someone is you!

Know anyone who has a Horton-like heart

Who sticks by his friends, lets nothing tear them apart?

Sure, sure, you do!

That someone is me

That someone is you!

Know anyone who saw those traits in us all the time,

And turned us into lovable characters of rhyme?

Know the answer? There are no more clues,

The answer, of course, is Dr. Suess!

Janet Gustafson


There's a Kloof on the roof

There's a Kloof

On the roof

And I have proof.

A Kloof it is,

Suess says it is!

For only a Kloof

Would be such a goof

To offer us proof

While on that roof.

A Kloof it is,

Suess says it is!

Let Theo tell you --

That Kloof is no boof,

Nor is he aloof

While on that roof.

With one sharp woof,

A bang of his hoof,

And a quick rub with his loof --

Da Christmas lights were lit in a poof!

A Kloof it is

Suess says it is!!

Barbara Metcalf


Smiles for miles

Seuss was his name

his claim to fame

was making people smile!

He'd tell a tale

and without fail,

each would travel miles.

About a cat

inside a hat

or other wacky creatures.

We loved his works,

the twists, the quirks,

that came with every feature!

Theresa McGuire


A honkeling honker, Doctor Seuss

In our salute to Doctor Seuss

We offer up a local goose.

Not a ring-necked pleasant pheasant

Or a waddling quirky turkey

Not a curvy long-necked swan

Or a darling duck upon our lawn.

No one-legged flaming pink flamingo

Singing like the great Domingo.

No cheeping, chirping little birds

Or flipping flapping flopping herds.


What about one of the honking honkers

Likely to drive each one of us bonkers

With the honkeling honking noise they make

Swimmingly swishing in Silver Lake.

Those flashy dive bombing Canadian geese

Slipping and sliding

Bobbing and gliding

On ice or on snow

They come and they go

Winter and summer,

Some smart some dumber.

Raiding the fields for every meal

All the corn they can possibly steal

They survive, though, every critique

By making our city one that's unique

So, why not a new Goose.

Dear Doctor Seuss

Think of the fun

You'd have with one.

With your fanciful rhymes

We'd have wonderful times.

Enjoying the books we all adore

Please, Doctor Seuss. Just one more?

Jane Belau


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