Hay heads to flooded farmers

Governor's wife arranges for donation

Associated Press

ROSEAU, Minn. -- While Gov. Jesse Ventura refused to call a special session to help the state's flood victims, his wife arranged for hay and other feed to be donated to Roseau County beef producers, dairy farmers and horse owners.

After accompanying the governor to Roseau to view the flood damage, Terry Ventura was responsible for raising about $10,000 of the $22,000 that was donated to the Emergency Feed Program, said Roseau County Extension Agent Curt Nyegaard.

"The flooding ruined pasture and hayland in parts of the county," Nyegaard said. "That meant many producers would have to sell their livestock because they couldn't afford to feed them. Once they sell out, it's tough to start over again.''


The inquiries that Nyegaard made included a pitch to Terry Ventura on her July visit to Roseau. A week later, she responded with 20 tons of assorted bagged feed, tons of hay bales and money that was used to purchase more hay. And she arranged donated transportation of the feed.

"Producers feel very positive about what she's done," Nyegaard said.

Gordy Landin, a beef producer from rural Warroad, was one of the recipients of the feed. All but 40 of his 300 acres of pastureland were under water for extended periods, forcing him to rent pasture.

"We wouldn't have had to sell, because we found pastureland, but it would have been more cost for us," Landin said. "It's nice to know that people care. I'd like to thank her for her help."

Warren Lovejoy, Roseau, said his dairy operation received enough hay to feed his herd for 10 days.

"It was quite a gift," he said. "You normally don't get something for nothing."

Other cash and feed donations came from the Minnesota Horse Council, the United States Humane Society, American Humane Society, Our Savior's Lutheran Church in Rothsay, various co-ops and elevators in the Twin Cities area, Purina, General Mills and individuals. Truckers also donated their time and equipment.

The donations benefited 33 dairy, beef or horse operations.

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