hay markets 11-3-06

Rock Valley Hay Auction — Nov. 2. 53 loads sold. All classes steady.

Alfalfa: Small Squares, 3 loads: Supreme $142.50 per ton. Premium hay brought $100-105. Large squares, eight loads: Premium $97.50, Good $72.50-90. Large Rounds, 16 loads: Premium $100.00-112.50, Good $77.50-95.

Alfalfa Mix: Large Squares, 1 load: Good 90.00. Large Rounds, 1 load: Premium 102.50.

Grass: Small Squares, 3 loads: Premium 100.00-122.50. Large Squares, 4 loads: Premium 97.50, Good 70.00-72.50. Large Rounds, 9 loads: Premium 97.50, Good 70.00-92.50, Fair 65.00.

Straw: Small Squares, 5 loads: $1.70-2.75 per bale. Large Rounds, 3 loads: $59-65 per ton.


Midwest Hay and Straw Co. — Oct 31 Maurice, Iowa

11 Loads of alfalfa and grass sold steady to firm on a light test. Small attendance due to harvest.

Alfalfa: Small Squares, 1 load: Premium $100 per ton. Large Square bales, 2 loads: Premium $97.50-107.50. Large Rounds, three loads: Good quality $92.50-95..

Grass: Small Squares, 2 loads: Premium $125. Good 95.00. Large Squares, one load: Good quality brought $85.

Straw: Large Rounds, 2 loads: $62.50-65 per ton.

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