Health care costs must be contained

I would like to expound on the state of health care in our nation. In a nutshell, it’s broken. I say that based on 25 years experience in working with farms and small business owners regarding their small-group health insurance needs.

I have sat at many kitchen tables and agonized with folks, who with tears in their eyes, are trying to find a way to pay the horrendous costs of their health insurance! Many spouses have taken jobs elsewhere with a good benefit package, only to find the employer making huge cuts in benefits/coverage to be able to afford any plan at all!

Unless we find a way to address skyrocketing health care costs, the payer is a moot point. It doesn’t matter if it’s the government, insurance companies, or the individual — we can no longer afford to pay for what we all say we want the best!

Even that, the best, is now in question. Compared to other industrialized nations, we are somewhere between 17th and 25th in overall results, yet pay twice as much for our system.

It’s time for a major overhaul, not just a tune-up, and the issue of cost containment must be the number one priority!


Ken Miller


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