Health care industry is failing America

Our health care delivery is un-American. Americans do not abandon their fellows in a moment of crisis, like the Great Depression, like World War II, like international terrorism, like the health care crisis. Rather, Americans come together and face their problems which always results in an era of national pride and prosperity. 

Today, hundreds of Americans will die for lack of health care; 18,000 Americans die every year for lack of health care. Today, thousands of Americans’ jobs will move overseas as a result of the most expensive health care delivery in the world, and those displaced Americans will lose their health care. 

America is a nation of compassion, innovation, and optimism. Our health care delivery does not match these characteristics; it is greedy, stale, and cynical. We innovate with devices but not delivery. Even Americans with insurance avoid health care because of its expensive delivery. 

We do not let our fellow Americans die in vain. It is un-American, by definition, to abide this national crisis. It is un-American to cut Americans off with the knowledge that many of them will die; no real American could do that. We must have a public health care option that every American can afford. A public option forces the health care industry to live up to American values.

Bob Rouillard



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