BioSig Technologies

A Connecticut medtech firm collaborating with Mayo Clinic is opening a development lab in downtown Rochester as a first step toward a larger Med City footprint. 

BioSig Technologies has signed a lease for 2,100 square feet on the second floor of the historic Conley Maass Downs building at 14 Fourth St. SW that starts Nov. 1. That puts the new BioSig office above Bleu Duck Kitchen.

"With everything happening with DMC (Destination Medical Center), Mayo Clinic and Rochester feel like Silicon Valley about 30 to 40 years ago," gushed BioSig CEO Ken Londoner on Monday. "We think this is the best spot for us to be ... We already are looking for more space."

The 10-year-old company, which also has offices in California and the Twin Cities, is talking to the developer Mortenson about "first dibs" on space in the proposed Two Discover Square complex expected to be built next year by the original One Discovery Square Center.

"In the next three to five years, I could see us having 50 to 100 people there... We need a large, contiguous space in Rochester," said Londoner. "We see Rochester as an innovation hub."

BioSig have developed a computerized system called Pure EPP for "acquiring, digitizing, amplifying, filtering and much more for patients undergoing electrophysiology procedures." The "bioelectronic" monitoring and treatment device is used in the operating room during procedures on patients to provide real-time information for surgeons and data for clinical use following a surgery.

The company is early stages of introducing Pure EP, its FDA-approved product, to market. It is installing the first system in Austin, Texas, this week. 

BioSig has worked with Mayo Clinic since 2017. The company has licensing and collaboration agreements with Mayo Clinic, which invested $1 million in Pure EP earlier this year. BioSig's 1-year-old subsidiary, NeuroClear Technologies, also works with Mayo Clinic. 

Work in the Rochester facility will include development and research for both BioSig and NeuroClear.

BioSig is the latest in a string of Mayo Clinic partners, including Google, Boston Scientific, Royal Philips and WuXi Diagnostics, to announce opening a Rochester office.

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