ORONOCO - A family-owned deer call maker and hunting communications firm is hosting a open house for its recently opened Oronoco facility.

Illusion Hunting Systems, which makes and sells the Extinguisher line of deer calls, and its associated Deer Society hunting video business is opening the doors of its 7,500-square-foot complex at 1280 Lake Shady Ave. South from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Sept. 6.

That's in the Oronoco Crossings industrial park in front of People's Energy Cooperative. Illusion is located next to Nobel RV.

"We're going to let the community in to check things out, see the building and learn a little bit more about us. We have some unique things that definitely people interested in hunting will want to see for sure," said Chris Dukart, who manages the facility.

Illusion currently makes about 100,000 to 120,000 deer calls a year. Most of the assembling and packaging is done on site. The Deer Society videos tally about 30 million viewer minutes annually.

Dukart said the company moved from Rochester to the new building in November. The Oronoco site is quite a bit larger than the previous Rochester facility.

"We see it (the facility) as phase one. We can expand it in the future, even double in size," he said.

Being prepared for growth is a good strategy for Illusion/Deer Society, which has been growing every year. 

Illusion started when Mike Dukart, Chris Dukart's father, created the Extinguisher deer call, which quickly grew in popularity. His son, J.J. Dukart, also launched the hunting video series called Deer Society that has grown in tandem with the deer call business. The three continue to manage the businesses.

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