Kwik Trip to build 10th Rochester store

Kwik Trip, the ubiquitous Wisconsin-based convenience store chain, plans to break ground on a new project in northeast Rochester in July, according to building permits filed last week.

However, construction of this new C-store won't increase Kwik Trip's tally of Med City locations from 15.

Steven Lowe, project manager for Kwik Trip, explained that the new store planned for 2170 Wheelock Dr. NE, off of Viola Road, will be considered a "re-build" to replace the nearby location at 2335 26th St. NE. That's the store across County Road 22 from Century High School.

"We've outgrown our current store. We realized a bigger store is needed out there," said Lowe.

The new location on Wheelock Drive is expected to be about 10,000-square-feet, with a single-bay car wash, compared to the 6,000-square-foot store on 26th Street Northeast.

"We expect to open the Wheelock store for business in November 2020," said Lowe.

Kwik Trip has been working on a project for that corner since at least 2016. The most recent action happened at the end of 2018, when the chain purchased 2.05 acres of open land in that area from the City of Rochester. It paid $1.09 million for the property.

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