More snow is not the only cold “treat” rolling into the Med City this week.

Sam Hayat says he’s rolling in a “new generation” of ice cream in Rochester’s Apache Mall.

He hopes to open his That’s How We Roll Ice Cream kiosk near the Food Court and the Build-A-Bear spot on Wednesday.

Hayat plans to introduce what he describes as “the latest craze” in ice cream — rolled ice cream. It works similarly to making pancakes or crepes, though it uses a chilled plate instead of a griddle. A special liquid ice cream is poured into a thin layer onto the cold plate and mixed with whatever fresh ingredients the customer chooses.

Then the resulting ice cream fritter is rolled up like a carpet and tucked into a cup with other rolls and more toppings poured over them.

Some examples of special dishes on his menu are:

Fire Cracker: Strawberry, sprinkles and condensed milk topped with whipped cream and Pop Rock candy.

Mango Tango: Mango puree and strawberry syrup topped with whipped cream and mango.

Banana Split: Banana, strawberries and pineapple topped with whipped cream, chocolate syrup and nuts.

Fresas Con Crema: Strawberries and condensed milk topped with whipped cream, cinnamon and churros.

“It’s totally different. This is the Millennials’ ice cream,” he said.

Hayat tested his That’s How We Roll Ice Cream concept in the Twin Cities and found it soon attracted long lines of customers. A family medical emergency brought him to Rochester for a long stay and he then decided to launch his new business here.

While he would have preferred to introduce rolled ice cream during warm weather instead of during a February cold snap, Hayat believes people escaping cabin fever to visit the mall will enjoy his rolled ice cream.

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