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Editor's note: Jeff Pieters is filling in today for regular columnist Jeff Kiger. Kiger returns next week.

Is Brothers Bar and Grill in Rochester closing?

Rumors have been swirling around one of the city's oldest bar-and-grills, the city's first smoke-free restaurant, one of the best breakfast spots in town, and an outpost for local and visiting fans of the Nebraska Cornhuskers.

But those rumors aren't true, said owner Erin Fulton, between serving customers one busy recent afternoon.

"We're not looking to close," she said. "We're looking to sell. There's no end date, no closing date. I'm pretty sure I'm selling."

And who is the buyer?

"We're not to that point," she said, when a buyer can be identified.

Even with a new owner, you shouldn't expect much to change around Brothers, which Fulton and her family have owned for 1991. The establishment celebrates its 29th birthday this month. It's in Soldiers Field Plaza, 812 S. Broadway.

"We'll keep it going," she said. "If I do sell, I plan to stay on and keep it going."

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