Due to the closure of Rochester’s two Shopko stores, Olmsted Medical Center has lined up new homes for two of its FastCare clinics.

The clinic in the south ShopKo closed in April and the north FastCare will close on May 23 according to OMC’s Barb Sorensen.

The convenience clinics offer treatment for basic health concerns, such as fevers, ear infections, insect bites and other minor ailments.

The concept is walk in, pay a set fee and see a medical professional without dealing with long lines, co-pays and other typical hassles in seeking health care.

OMC plans to open the new FastCare North clinic in Suite 200 of Elton Hills Plaza at 102 Elton Hills Drive NW. OMC’s Rehabilitation Services and other offices are already based in the center.

The new FastCare South is slated to open in Suite 200 of Crossroads Plaza at 90 14th St, SW. That’s the commercial complex anchored by Walgreens and Jimmy John’s, which stands across Highway 63 from Graham Park.

However, the final deal for that location has not wrapped up yet.

“OMC is in the final stage of signing a lease agreement with the Crossroads Plaza Management,” Sorensen said.

If things go according to plan, both FastCare clinics could open this summer.

OMC jumped into the convenience clinic market in 2007 when it opened the ShopKo clinics.

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