1994 – 25 years ago

• Organizers proposing a large ethanol plant at Claremont in western Dodge County began a town-by-town campaign in Southeast Minnesota for farmers to invest in the project and supply it with corn.

• Sherry Bertschinger, daughter of Walter and Georgia Bertschinger, has been chosen to be the West Side Kiwanis Student of the Month. Sherry is a senior at Rochester John Marshall and plans to attend North Dakota State University.

1969 – 50 years ago

• Dennis Irish, son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald Irish, received the Good Conduct Medal while assigned to the 2nd Armed Division in Fort Hood, Tex.

• At Sear, Roebuck and Co., an Easi-Lead camera with flashcubes is on sale for $9.88. A Craftsman power router with 3 bits is $55.00.

• You can pick up boxes of Col. Sanders’ Kentucky Fried Chicken at the KFC Take Home Store at Mike’s Drive-In.

1944 – 75 years ago

• Memorial services were conducted in St. John’s Catholic Church in Wykoff for Walter Schumacher of the Merchant Marine. Only 20 years old Schumacher lost his life on May 4, 1943 when his ship, S. S. Oneida, sunk 70 miles out from Cape Charles, Va.

• A group of German prisoners of war passed through St. Charles under military guard to confinement headquarters in Whitewater State Park. Fifty prisoners will be used in fields in connection with the packing season.

1919 – 100 years ago

• There is a call for Rochester and Olmsted County to take up a collection to assist the good people of Fergus Falls in view of the recent tornado and the difficulties that have followed. (On June 22nd a tornado struck Fergus Fall killing 57 people and destroying numerous buildings.)

• Citizens are reminded to be on the lookout for highwaymen if you drive toward Red Wing. Men and at times a gang of men step out into the road with a gun. Once the motorist is stopped they are robbed.

• Legislation is being proposed to protect female workers. There is a call for equal pay for equal work.

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