hom BRIEFS Undo my room blues contest

3M, promoting its Scotch Blue painter's tape, will give you a visit from Genevieve Gorder of Trading Spaces, who will give you her design tips for a room in your home and $5,000 to help do it. Describe in 250 words or less why one room in your house or a room in someone else's house needs to be redesigned. Include your name, address, daytime telephone number, e-mail address if you have one and date of birth.

Send the above information about the person whose house you nominate if it isn't yours. Specify the room and its measurements and why it needs help. Enclose up to five photos of the room.

Deadline for entry is Aug. 15, 2003. Mail or e-mail to Scotch Blue Painter's Tape Undo My Room Blues Contest, c/o Hunter Public Relations, 41 Madison Ave., Fifth Floor, New York, N.Y. 10010. E-mail:

Decorate dessert plates

Put a sugar border on a dessert plate for a stylish party treat. With a pastry brush, dab some corn syrup on the edge of a plate or bowl and dip the edge into colored sugar crystals found in the baking section of the grocery. Or put light corn syrup in a food storage bag, secure it with a twist-tie and clip a tiny opening in a corner. Drizzle syrup onto a plate or platter in a design. Draw letters, designs or pictures. Sprinkle with sugar; shake off excess and let dry 30 minutes.


Ceramic tile over vinyl

Ceramic tile is a most attractive floor covering and, believe it or not, can be installed directly over a vinyl floor. Its easy. First, use a belt sander to clean and score the vinyl. Next, apply two coats of bonding agent. This will help the mortar stick to the floor.

As with any tile job, the most important step comes next -- layout lines. Always start laying tile from the center of the floor and move outward toward the edges. Keep it simple by using premixed mortar and work on one small area at a time. A day of drying is needed before applying grout. After grouting, apply a light vinegar wash; it will make your job shine.

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