HOM Some sage counsel on sage cutting


Q:I have some Russian sage. When can I cut it?

A:You can cut and use sage at any time during the growing season.

Q:My asters are getting out of hand; some are six-foot tall. When can I prune them as I prefer them shorter?

A:You could cut them back during the season to the height you prefer, but then they will not flower well in the fall. A better solution might be to take out the tall asters and replace them with dwarf asters that will not grow so tall.


Q:The leaves of my inpatiens in pots and planters have died and only the stalk is left. What happened?

A:The most common reason for this symptom is over-watering. Not that you did it necessarily, but heavy downpours can cause this. Check to be sure the soil mix you are using is light and airy, containing lots of peat moss and perlite. Also check to be sure your containers drain well. In addition, be sure your baskets and containers are not located under eaves, downspouts, or plugged gutters that can deposit heavy amount of rainfall into your containers.

Q:What are the top perennials that grow without much care in our climate and soil types? My property has various conditions, sunny to shady, wet to dry and an area that alternates between these conditions. Part of my property also has some sandy soil.

A:My goodness, you have a wide variety of conditions and certainly there are perennials that would do well in most of them. A good book could answer your question but I am afraid this column does not allow me that kind of space. I would suggest that you find a book by the Ortho people entitled "All about Perennials." You can purchase it at various garden centers or find it at the public library. Spending some time with that book this winter will give you some great ideas for next spring and make winter pass a little faster, too.

Q:In a past column, you mentioned that putting down Blue Streak Fly Bait on a paper in the basement is a good way to kill crickets. I would like to try it, but am unable to find it anywhere. Do you know where I might try?

A:TSC, Tractor Supply Company in south Rochester carries it.

Keith Stangler of Byron is a horticulturist. If you have a question for him, call Post-Bulletin Special Sections Editor Jerry Reising at 285-7739 or (800) 562-1758.

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