Hormels made a good couple


George and Lillian Hormel were married Feb. 24, 1892. In honor of their 115th anniversary, I present George’s thoughts about his wife, as recorded in his autobiography "Three Men and a Business."

"My wife had been a teacher in the Austin High School. Of New England descent, she brought into our partnership a love of music and books, rare sympathy and good sense, an understanding of human nature, and the great patience necessary to surmount the problems and uncertainties of our first years together. They were not easy years for either of us. They brought sickness and death, struggle and worry, the hard things to which flesh is heir. But for me they were made endurable by her never-failing help in any capacity in which she could serve. Like Father, she believed that the test of love is what we are willing to do for others, and, like him, she was never afraid of the test."

It’s not hard to imagine that George and Lillian’s 54 years of marriage were happy.

Travel Notes with Evie Mohrfeld


  • "Easter Parade" had its world premier opening at Chanhassen Dinner Theatre this weekend, and we were fortunate to have seats for the Saturday matinee as a part of our Winter Retreat trip.

The "Easter Parade" cast is all local talent with the exception of the lead male role, played by Michael Gruber from New York City. He is filling the role played by Fred Astaire in the 1948 film. Ann Michaels, a regular Chanhassen performer, plays the Judy Garland role. With more than 220 costume changes, this promises to be one of the most outstanding shows that the Chanhassen has yet staged.
We are offering another chance to see "Easter Parade" on April 7. Call 438-3946 to sign up.

  • Monday is the deadline for our trip to Northwood, Iowa. We are headed to Diamond Jo Casino on March 2. This trip is open to the public, and for your $20 fee, you get transportation, a chicken dinner and $10 to play at the casino. Call 438-3946 to sign up.

Coming up
Monday — 5 p.m., League of Women Voters.

March 2 — Noon, Milwaukee Women.

Laura Helle is director of Hormel Historic Home.

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