HOT TOPIC QUESITON Every Wednesday, we pose a question to readers on a hot topic in the news. Selected responses are published on the Commentary page a week later.

This week's Hot Topic question: Should the state of Minnesota permit the sale and use of fireworks?

The Minnesota House earlier this month passed a measure that would make the sale and use of fireworks in the state legal around Independence Day and New Year's Day. Currently, only people with a special pyrotechnic license can use fireworks in Minnesota. Proponents of the measure say fireworks are much safer now than they were when the state outlawed them several decades ago. But opponents say legalization of fireworks would lead to an increase in injuries, especially among children. What do you think?

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Last week's Hot Topic question: Should hotel bar hours be extended?

The Minnesota Legislature is considering a bill that would extend hotel bar hours in Rochester, Minneapolis, St. Paul, Duluth and several other cities to 2 a.m. on weekdays and 2:30 a.m. on weekends. The measure is being pushed by those in the hospitality business who say the state could be losing out on convention business because its hotel bar hours are more restrictive than they are in other states. But opponents say the later closing could lead to headaches for law enforcement officials.

Here are some of the responses we received:

Closings change; drunkenness remains

I have lived in two countries in Europe where closing times are four hours apart. I must say closing hour isn't important; alcoholic-addicts will get drunk anyway.


Do they know how many bartenders feel so sorry about them? In my opinion, the solution should be trying to make people understand that being intoxicated by alcohol once in your life could be funny, but doing so once a week is just pathetic.

I used to hang out until 6 a.m. for a couple of years when I was a teen-ager, not drinking alcohol, but dancing. Next day, a jet-lag "hangover" made me feel sort of depressed of waking up knowing the weekend was barely out. Thankfully, sooner or later, we the smart ones re-discover the beauty of waking up early on Saturday or Sunday, enjoying the special light, flavors and calm when the sun is rising, while the new teen-agers are still asleep.

Thousands of different activities to do during the morning, and only one to do at night. The question is why we keep on doing the same? The answer is as pathetic as any drunken person.

Caro; Diaz


; It's not good business

I would not want to extend the bar hours for conventions. That is just asking for trouble.

Business that is done with liquor is not good business.


Alice; Wagner


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