HOT TOPIC RESPONSES Harry no, Hillary yes

I will never read the Harry Potter book because it is fiction, and scary, and magic, and I am not interested in a book like that.

But Sen. Hillary Clinton's biography of course I will read. She is one of my most admired females and a favorite first lady. I had the privilege to meet her a few years ago. She was one of the best lawyers, and a wonderful wife and mother. I am always interested in what she has to say. She cares so much about children's rights.

Veronica; Min Wotipka


; Hillary no, Harry yes


Will I read Hillary Clinton's book? No. Harry Potter's book, yes. Why? Because when I read a book of fiction I want it to be labeled fiction. Not as an autobiography.

I am sure half of Hillary's book is fiction and/or coverup lies.

Virgil; Lacey


; No, they're both fiction

Interesting that you should put Hillary Clinton's autobiography and the latest Harry Potter book together in a Hot Topic question, but of course they are both works of fiction. And no, I don't intend to read either one.

Mike; Siebenaler

St.; Charles

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