How much tax goes for war?

A recent article on the cost of war prompted me to share with you an item that appeared in the Washington Newsletter of the Friends Committee on National Legislation.

A chart depicting "Where Our Tax Dollars Go" was astounding. I was taught that tax by our national government was for the things people could not do for themselves.

Currently, 41 cents of each dollar of the federal income tax we pay was used for war.

  • 19 cents for health programs, including Medicaid.
  • 12 cents to respond to poverty in U.S. for food, housing, income support and energy assistance.
  • 10 cents for interest on the non-military portion of the national debt.
  • 5 cents to promote community and economic development, agriculture, highways and mass transit and F.C. Commission.
  • 5 cents for education, job training, employment and social services.
  • 4 cents to run the government, including law enforcement, homeland security and government employee benefits.
  • 3 cents for science, energy and environmental programs.
  • 1 cent for humanitarian aid, diplomatic missions and international cooperation.

WAR is not the answer. We need a re-direction and you, the people, need to let our elected representatives know we are sick of this militaristic effort. And we need to stop big companies from moving to offshore locations to avoid paying U.S. taxes.
John A. Bacharach


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