I, like most Americans, initially viewed the World Cup with as much interest as reports of weather in Siberia.

It's not because of the sport itself. Honestly, after watching a few games I was captivated by the action. It's because the rest of the world views Americans as idiots for not following soccer.

The numbers don't lie. More than half of the world lives and dies with World Cup action while outside the U.S. no one cares about the Super Bowl or World Series.

Americans are often ridiculed for knowing little outside of what happens in the U.S., but some of us are actually coming around to soccer. U.S. men's teams are finally making a splash on the world scene. Youth are taking a greater interest in soccer, feeder programs are growing and the sport is finally getting air play. Thus, we are beginning to "get it." Will it ever reach the appeal of our traditional sports? Probably not. But maybe it would grow a lot faster if we Americans didn't have to feel a day late and a dollar short for finally taking an interest.

Lanier Holt

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