Inmate charged with assault on cellmate

By Janice Gregorson

An assault in the Olmsted County jail sent one inmate to the emergency room and has resulted in felony charges against another.

Adolph Donte Valentine, 25, no address, is charged with third-degree assault for allegedly taking the handle of a broom and repeatedly hitting another inmate on the head Friday.

It happened about 8:55 p.m. The criminal complaint said that during the assault, Valentine hit the victim with the broom handle, his fist and a chair.


Detention Director Stacy Sinner said the victim was treated at a hospital emergency room and he has since been returned to the jail. The complaint said the victim had a temporary loss of vision in his left eye.

The complaint said the victim and Valentine were assigned to the same cell. The victim said that while he was talking on the telephone, he heard Valentine and another inmate make a comment about the "white guy on the phone." Valentine and the other inmate he was speaking with are black, the complaint said.

The victim said when he got off the phone, the other two accused him of getting Valentine’s sheets wet. He said he was hit a short time later. He told deputies that he had never met Valentine or the other man before being jailed and does not know why Valentine assaulted him.

The assault was recorded on video camera. It shows Valentine picking up a broom that was propped against the wall and swinging it like a baseball bat at the victim’s head, causing the broom handle to break. The victim fell to the ground. The video shows Valentine hitting the victim on the head two more times with the broom handle as if "swinging an axe," the complaint said. The broom handle splintered apart and Valentine tossed it to the ground and began punching the victim about the head with a closed fist. While looking at the video, the deputy counted 11 punches that connected with the victim.

After being punched, the victim is shown falling forward on his knees so that his face is on the ground. Valentine then picked up a chair, lifted it over his head and brought it down on top of the victim’s head, the complaint said. At this time, a jail employee entered the room and Valentine stepped away from the victim. The video shows that as Valentine was hitting the victim, three inmates who had been sitting at a table got up and went to their cells.

Valentine told officers that the victim had spilled water on his bunk and when he asked about him it, the victim denied it, "so in turn he was disrespecting him (Valentine)." Valentine said it was a fight, not an assault. Valentine was convicted on March 2 of third-degree assault.

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