Invest time and map Madoff

Bernie Madoff’s alleged victims are everywhere, even in Rochester. Check the map.

Here’s a map that logs the addresses of the people and organizations that are believed to have been victimized by Madoff, the investor who’s accused of bilking billions out of investors. It shows what folks can do to connect the dots on a map with a news story.

Solve the puzzle. Are you good at Rubik’s cube? I’m good at getting one side solved. It’s as good as I get. Has been for the last 30 or more years. But here, you can learn the solutions and have some fun. Check out the officials site.


Here’s some fun for kids at You can drive to the emergency as a fire truck, police car or other emergency vehicle to take care of business. It’s a quick, easy time eater, but probably fun for young kids. And it’s Legos. Hard to beat that.

I’ve had this one before, Baller-In-Chief, a nod to President Obama’s interest in hoops. I noted a couple of things recently: one was the author’s admonishment — and rightly, I’d say — to folks writing about the president’s "obsession" with basketball. He’s not obsessed. But the second item in the blog reminded me of another connection to Rochester. You might know Rochester’s Igor Vovkovinskiy, the young man who at 7 feet, 8 inches tall, likes to sport a very "truthy" T-shirt: "World’s Biggest Obama supporter." He even got a picture taken with Michelle Obama last year during her visit. The connection with the Baller in Chief is that they both have basketball shoes from Shaquille O’Neal, the Phoenix Suns center. The president got an autographed copy earlier this month from Shaq, while Igor got a pair from Shaq Diesel back a few years ago after some of Shaq’s family ran into Igor while visiting Rochester and realized he needed the big sizes.

This is a bit techy for my interests, but I do find some good search engines to scout out or learn a few tricks. I’m still pretty much a Google guy, but it never hurts to look around and try new things. This blog is the place to start for finding new and improved search engines.

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