Jessica Knudson | A Christmas poem

’Tis the season

To be merry

Toes are freezin’

Cheeks are cherry.

Christmas lights shine bright,


Rimming rooftops like lace;

Some impair your sight

If done by Chevy Chase.

Frantically shopping

For all the right sales,

Retail store hopping

With ads in the mail.

Finding the right gift


For loved one or friend,

With armloads to lift

And money to spend.

What a tape and paper mess

Wrapping gifts can be,

Recipients try to guess

What you place under the tree.

Ribbons and bows


Adorn evergreen trees;

Hanging mistletoes

Are kissing guarantees.

Ornaments provide decor

And garland provides trim,

From ceiling to floor

Room filled to the brim.

Music rings the home

For weeks and weeks on end;

Christmas letters roam

With the cards families send.

Shoveling the snow

In numbing degrees,

Warming hot cocoa

So the kiddies don't freeze.

Chestnuts will be roasting

On an open fire,

While relatives are toasting

With the eggnog they acquire.

Bells will be ringing

On a silent night,

As carolers will be singing

In dim candlelight.

There may always be a Scrooge

To jumble the jolly spirit,

But home is a refuge

So be sure to stay near it.

Kids count the days

’Til Santa is here,

While adults give praise

For this season of the year.

Fast approaches the Eve

And arrives Santa’s sleigh,

Down the chimney he'll heave

Eating cookies at his stay.

Merry Christmas to all

Happy Hanukah, too,

As your memories recall

Friends and family with you.

The season is upon

For giving, love and laughter;

Enjoy it before it’s gone

And a Happy New Year after.

Jessica Knudson is a senior at Century High School. To respond to an opinion column, send an e-mail to

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