Jury will be out awhile on Randy Moss trade

TROY: When you get done inhaling that Wendy's triple burger supersized value meal, answer me this: How in the name of Steve Dils can people start suggesting the Vikings trade or release Daunte Culpepper? Obviously, Brad Johnson has done a superb job not making mistakes and making enough plays to give our beloved Purple a chance to win. But would you stake your franchise's future on a 37-year-old mid-level player?

JASON: No, I wouldn't. And anyone who honestly believes that Brad Johnson would have made a difference in games against Atlanta, Carolina and Cincinnati, should put on a skirt and pick up some purple and gold pom-poms. Look at the teams Johnson has beaten (Detroit, Green Bay, Cleveland, and the Giants, thanks to special teams) and look at the teams Culpepper faced (Tampa, Atlanta, Carolina, Cincy). …; And the triple burger was just an appetizer. I hear there's free pizza on the way to the office.

TROY: So that's why you finally bothered to show up and work. Even though it pains me to point this out, us ripping folks for being biased cheerleaders of the Purple is kinda like Gilbert Godfried ripping someone for being obnoxiously annoying. Speaking of annoying, how do you like the Randy Moss trade now? Did you notice first-round pick Troy Williamson and linebacker Napoleon Harris -- the two key cogs in the Oakland trade -- were; both deactivated last Sunday?

JASON: That's all I ever hear about the Moss trade: Williamson wasn't worthy of the seventh pick and Harris isn't worthy of being in the NFL. While I can't argue with either point, Randy hasn't exactly been tearing it up in Oakland. And, getting rid of his salary was a big reason why the Vikings were able to sign free agents Pat Williams, Fred Smoot and Darren Sharper.

TROY: Speaking of them, Pro Bowl voting wraps up later next week. If I had a ballot (and I think I do buried beneath the hate mail to me because I expect a little more than annual Music City Bowl visits from our college gridders), Big Pat Williams, Darren Sharper, and Antoine Winfield would all be checked. I'll be surprised if all three aren't tanning in Honolulu in mid-February.


JASON: I'd add Chris Kluwe and Jermaine Wiggins to that list (and it wouldn't hurt for you to be a little nicer to our Gophers; you should support the home team). I heard you're considering vacationing in Hawaii, too. As much as I like it when you're not in the office, the people of Hawaii don't need to see you on a beach. They'd wonder why the snowman on the sand wasn't melting.

TROY: I'll plead guilty to the charge of showing Hawaiians a shade of alabaster never seen in the Pacific. I'm not sure about Wiggins... No one can hurdle a linebacker better than Wiggy, but Jeremy Shockey has much more appeal for voters. As far as Kluwe, this knee injury might cost him a Pro Bowl trip. Along the punting lines, will you be grillin' on the barbie Sunday welcoming our mate, Australian Darren Bennett back to the Dome?

JASON: Bennett sounds about as excited to be back in purple as I am to talk to you once a week. Bennett's comments in Thursday's St. Paul Pioneer Press: "It's nice to get a few checks before Christmas. That's one of the reasons my wife kicked me out the door. And obviously you want to come in and do a good job for the team." If Bennett actually does a good job for the team, it'll be a first. Sheesh, I'd rather just let Paul Edinger handle the punting chores.

TROY: What do you have against Australia? Sounds like you're harboring some bad feelings for our friends Down Under. You ever think about therapy? It might do you some good. Maybe you and Rams head coach Mike Martz can go together. I hear he's in need of some love, after it appears his team no longer wants him back on the sidelines.

JASON: Darren Bennett is what I have against Australia; he's reason enough. Someone put a second bar on his facemask, too. Who does he think he is? Gary Anderson? As for Martz, he's the smart one, having left a desolate Rams team. Their third-team quarterback looked good against Houston two weeks ago, but even Brett Favre would look good against Houston's defense. For the Rams it's no more Martz, no more Kurt Warner, no more Marshall Faulk in his prime …; heck, no more Jamie Martin, for that matter. Know what that adds up to? Vikings 24, Rams 13.

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