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Iowa GOP, Dems unveil shared logo, reporting center

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DES MOINES, Iowa (AP) — The Republican Party of Iowa and Iowa Democratic Party unveiled a shared logo for the 2008 Iowa caucuses and plans for a joint reporting center on Tuesday.

The logo features the gray silhouettes of a donkey and elephant back to back, with the words Iowa Caucuses 2008 emblazoned beneath in a swirl of blue and red.

The two parties also will share reporting headquarters on caucus night, with a giant screen alternately flashing Democratic and Republican caucus results to a throng of international media at the Polk County Convention Center in downtown Des Moines.


Chuck Laudner, executive director of the Iowa GOP, and Mike Milligan, executive director of the Iowa Democrats, said the two parties had been collaborating all year on the project.

"We’re expecting around 2,000 media and we want to showcase Iowa ... and show why we get to be first in the nation," Laudner said.

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