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Five dinners to beat insomnia

Trouble sleeping? Well, join the throngs.

The biggest reason we can’t sleep is stress. That’s what we’re told by Karen Williamson, author of Sleep Deep: Simple Techniques for Beating Insomnia (Perigee, $15.95). Her book offers all sorts of sleep info, from ways to fight Sunday-night insomnia to narcolepsy to jet lag. It’s easy to read, helpful and full of Q&As that answer questions we didn’t even think of, but are glad someone else did.

We could find all sorts of five-things fodder from this book. But we’ve opted for five high-in-carbs, medium-in-protein dinners that can help you sleep. A little tip if you’d rather not have nightmares: Skip the cheese. It contains an amino acid called tyramine, which triggers the release of adrenaline, thus stimulating your brain and triggering vivid dreams and nightmares.

1. Pasta with spinach and pine nuts


2. Scrambled eggs on whole-wheat toast

3. Chicken stir-fry with pasta and vegetables

4. Hummus with whole-wheat pita bread

5. Baked potato with cottage cheese and tuna salad

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