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Review: Microsoft Explorer Mouse

By Bridget Carey

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Product: Microsoft Explorer Mouse


Features: This rechargeable wireless mouse uses Microsoft BlueTrack Technology, which allows it to work on almost any surface. It has a snap-in mini USB transceiver. Works within 30 feet. Has four-way scrolling and two additional customizeable buttons on the right side.

Price: List price is $79.95, but can be found cheaper, like $51 on

Ups: Sure it works on shaggy carpet and other bumpy or rough surfaces. But I took it even further: It worked on my ponytail! It worked on sweaters. This mouse even worked on the back of a cat. It doesn’t work on clear or reflective surfaces — but that’s expected, it is a light, after all.

It has a very comfortable grip and I had no problems using the buttons.

Downs: It uses a rechargeable battery, and you can hook it up to a wall charger to give it a boost of juice. Microsoft says the mouse needs a recharge about once every three weeks. That alone is a bummer to me, since most people don’t have to worry about replacing a mouse battery that often.

The first time you use it, it instructs you to charge it for at least 2 1/2 hours. I did it for a little longer. But after the first day, the red light started flashing saying it could use a recharge. Lame.

Bottom line: It really is great on working on any challenging surface, and it has a comfy grip. It’s meant for someone like a business traveler who has to work on park benches and the airport carpet. If you usually stick to a mouse pad, then you don’t need this — just get a cheaper mouse.



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