Kevin Garnett has long been one of my favorite players, but his recent comments are causing me to question that allegiance.

To review, Garnett told ESPN that he's underpaid as he has to do everything for the team. Well Kevin, you're paid as an entire team -- a team of five $5 million a year players in fact -- and as such you should be doing everything, and doing it a lot better.

Garnett makes Shaq money without Shaq results. Love or hate him, Shaquille O'Neal is the best center in the NBA. Garnett is not even the best forward in the Midwest Division, that would be Tim Duncan. League-wide it can be argued Garnett's not even better than Rasheed Wallace or Chris Webber, both cornerstone forwards for teams that have made it at least to the conference finals.

Kevin, you are a good player, but you are overpaid… not; just by mere working man's/fans standards but by the standards of your own peers. If you were really good enough to earn what you're paid no one would be questioning your worth.

Lanier Frush Holt

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