'Leep 27 graduates to bigger, better things

Silver' features 'more polished' band

By Christina Killion Valdez

After the release of Leep 27's first CD, the Twin Cities-based pop-rock band hit it big on national television.

Their song "Choices" has been heard four times on "The Young and the Restless."


"It's always on episodes that have all young teens and 20-year-olds. It's been the background to a barbecue with lots of beautiful women in bikinis," bassist Steve Moerke said.

Scenes that fit the image of the band.

"We're young, fun guys. Lots of friends come to our shows. It's not about us putting on a show and the music. It's kind of a party. It's fun being there," Moerke said.

"Choices" was one of the first songs the group wrote together six years ago. The band, which is made up of Moerke, drummer Chad Satre from Rochester, lead vocalist and guitarist Todd Epley from Austin, Jared Lee on vocals and guitars and Rick Blomquist on guitars, vocals and bass, has come a long way since. That's evident on their new CD, "Silver."

"In school terms, we were preschoolers going in on the first one. Everything was new to us, exciting, uncharted territory," Epley said. "Now we are kind of in high school. We've figured things out and are getting ready to approach the big world."

"What people should expect is a more polished, professional Leep 27. We're better at everything we do," Moerke said.

Their first CD sold 12,000 copies. Now they have a publicist and are hoping to reach even further.

But they'll always consider themselves a local band.


"We started playing at the North Star and the old Rookies before it was the new Rookies," Moerke said.

Rochester and Austin are where many of their friends are.

"I have a 10-year reunion coming up, but it's been like a reunion the last seven years playing in the band," Epley said, describing playing in his hometown of Austin.

"It's really cool. Everybody is very supportive. They have been throughout the years," Epley said.

And there is now one more reason Leep 27 fans should watch television.

During the making of what's planned to be their third CD, a live recording slated to come out in the fall, Epley was picked to participate in a dating show for HBO.

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