LET 4th of July program inspirational

Oooh! Aaah!

I just got home from an inspirational and patriotic evening/night at Silver Lake -- wow! From enjoying a picnic with friends, meeting new and old friends, experiencing another great concert by the Rochester Civic Music Concert Band, to the grand finale fireworks sponsored again by the Post-Bulletin Charities.

With great patriotism I'm left with few words -- "What a country!" "What a city!" Chuck Blattner's enthusiasm while conducting the band "infects" the entire crowd, and the crowd, what a wonderful feeling to walk through the crowd and see the many cultures sharing their pride in America.

Can the Post-Bulletin cause this thank you to explode off the page? It would only be appropriate to give proper acknowledgment and thanks to a night to remember. And of course it seemed that Mother Nature said, "America, you deserve a perfect night," and so it was. Everything was perfect!

Thank you! Oooh! Aaah!


Ardell; F. Brede


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