LET 7th Street assessment is unjust

The proposed assessment for the reconstruction of Seventh Street N.W. in Rochester from Cascade Creek Bridge to North Broadway is an injustice to the homeowners who live on Seventh Street N.W.

Currently, Seventh Street is a heavily used truck route. Our front windows rattle from the vibration when the trucks roll by, and the noise from the jake-braking keeps us awake at night. Widening the road and increasing the load rating for trucks will make this problem worse. This proposed reconstruction will provide no benefit to our property value. This is a residential area, not a truck freeway!

Most of us cannot use the street in front of our homes for parking; we must park in the alley in back of our home. The alley has not been maintained.

Our taxes have been raised by double-digit amounts within the past two years. We do not need truck-route assessments on top of the taxes!

We are senior citizens on a fixed income who have resided in our home for the past 48 years. It is simply unfair to expect us to pay for this project. The common council has not adopted a policy which would authorize deferment of these assessments for retired persons or the disabled. They should consider this deferment without penalty or interest.


Louis; and Rosalyce Hoppa


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