LET A narrow definition of democracy

In the Dec. 31 Post-Bulletin editorial "Stand up for democracy," it said the United States and Israel are the only nations willing to stand up for Iraq and Palestine democracies.

Decades ago, we went to war with Israel to take away the Gaza Strip and the West Bank from Palestine. Up to the present, we have given Israel billions of dollars to kill the Palestinian people. We have set a good example for the world about democracy.

Our government has detained and imprisoned hundreds of Iraqis without cause and without fair trial. When fighting for freedom and democracy in one place, apparently it is a good time for our government to take it away in another place.

Then the editorial said that Europe would rather hurt the United States than stand up for democracy. Europe knows that we are invading countries and taking them over with our corporations. The rich get many tax breaks while 45 million people in the United States are without health insurance, and thousands are homeless and starving.

By using an interpretation of Christianity that excludes and by catering to the wealthy and corporations, we are harming folks based on their sexual orientation, race and ethnicity (gays, native Americans, blacks and other minorities). Is this what we call democracy? Europe does not want anything to do with this democracy as it is defined by the United States.


Dallas; J. Bradshaw

Pine; Island

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