LET Ag secretary must help farmers

When you attend the next central meeting, speak up for the farmers.

When Jesse Ventura went to Cuba on a trading mission the big grain companies were right there lapping up the gravy.

They did not share with the farmers by raising prices to the farmers in the elevators.

In North Dakota they had a secretary of agriculture named Sara Vogel who sued the federal government for underpaying the durum farmers.

She won -- and got a huge sum. Every single durum farmer recovered a nice chunk of money.


Jesse Ventura may have called himself an independent, but he most definitely had a secretary of agriculture with a Republican agenda.

We must be sure that the secretary does more than put the farmers down. He must speak for the farmers.

He must know the law and apply it to help the farmers. -- Frank Theis, Bowlus, Minn.

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