LET Always buy early in the week

Gasoline prices certainly jump around more in Rochester than in Red Wing, Winona, and western Wisconsin.

I have seen no rational reason for the recent 20-cent jump. Full boycotts never really work, but with a little observation and planning we could possibly have an effect on keeping prices down, and keeping them more consistent. Clearly, one price is set for almost all Rochester gas stations. The typical pattern is to lower prices 2 cents every few days, and then finally raise it 10-15 cents, most often on a Thursday.

So watch a familiar station's price sign. Fill up when it has dropped 6 cents or so from a high price. Always buy early in the week. If you see a 10-cent increase and need gas, patronize one of the stations that temporarily holds back on the price increase. The Post-Bulletin could help by publishing the common gas price every day, with an up or down arrow, and could list Pine Island and Stewartville prices.

It's worth driving 15 miles to save 5 cents per gallon, especially if we can make some economic impact. The retailers will notice when they sell the most gas, and at what price.

The wholesalers might finally give in a bit if we wield our economic club.


Dan; Rand


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