LET Anti-bypass group clarifies facts

I have stated in the past that living near Rochester and in Olmsted County is similar to living in Oz. Now I have proof. The Post-Bulletin agrees that not only have Dorothy and Toto left Kansas, but so has Wichita.

The Post-Bulletin news article of Aug. 14 reporting our press conference contained many errors. These errors have not been corrected by the newspaper. We have 225 words or less to attempt to correct the errors ourselves.

We commend Eric Matteson (Aug. 16) and John Sherwin (Aug. 20) for their critical thinking. Our understanding of the Wichita facts is close to those explained by Mr. Sherwin.

Our reputation is very important to us. We began this fight (make no mistake, this is a fight) when incorrect information was used to justify a bypass.

The "letter" referred to in the Aug. 14 Post-Bulletin was sent April 1, 1997, by Henri Rush, STB general counsel to Bob Knight, mayor of Wichita, Kan. Points in this letter had our group questioning local legal strategy, especially when we found Wichita withdrew their lawsuit on April 7, 1997, and began negotiations with the Union Pacific (not a South Dakota-based railroad as stated in the P-B.)


We have documentation.

Call us.

Kathy; King


; Citizens; Against Rochester's Bypass

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