LET AUSTIN EDITION A rich musical experience for kids

On Oct. 17, fourth- and fifth-graders from Brownsdale Elementary School joined hundreds of other students from around the area as they climbed aboard school buses and headed to Austin High School to attend the Austin Symphony Orchestra Children's Concert.

I would like to take this opportunity to publicly thank the Austin Symphony Orchestra -- the musicians, the board and Mr. Ramsey -- for giving students a cultural experience that is unmatched in the state. There is no other symphony, to my knowledge, that invites students to attend a quality orchestral performance at no charge and sends out lesson plans for the music instructor so students are prepared to listen with focus.

Though there were close to 1,600 students at the morning concert, you could have heard a pin drop. As I looked around at the students sitting on the edges of their seats taking it all in, I felt such gratitude for the rich cultural heritage and exposure to the fine arts that the Austin Symphony Orchestra has given to so many students over the years.

Margaret; Obst

Music; teacher



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