LET AUSTIN EDITION Community of neighbors bands together

A large thank you to the Red Cross, Salvation Army and the City of Austin for their wonderful efforts in assisting residents recover from the flood. Bouquets to Mayor Rietz for her hard work in helping residents fill sandbags and clean up after the flood. Special recognition to Elaine Hanson and the Red Cross staff for their steady hand, empathy for those suffering and skill in delivering needed food and support.

In my walks with my dog "Charlie" I picked up comments about the flood. Comments that came from city and county leadership leads me to believe that not one more dollar, nor one more ounce of energy should be spent on a new county jail or courthouse until we have a solution for ending our flooding.

The new number one priority proclaimed by areas leaders for the community and county will be solving the flood problem. Knowing the leadership skills that Rietz has I know that she'll pick up the baton and provide the necessary energy to bring the area leaders together to solve the problem.

In my walks with Charlie I am reminded how devastating a flood can be.

Basements with sewage on the floor, furnaces ruined and hot water heaters no longer working …; who shows up offering hope in a hopeless situation?


No longer hopeless, I see a community of neighbors helping one another and a community slowly recovering from a devastating flood.

Roger; Boughton


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