LET AUSTIN EDITION Sparks must defend marriage

Although Sen. Dan Sparks, District 27, states his belief in marriage as one man/one woman, he has not yet announced his support for the bill (SF 1691) that would permit Minnesotans to vote in 2006 on the Minnesota Defense of Marriage Amendment to the Minnesota Constitution.

In fact, on April 7, when a motion arose from the Senate floor to pull the bill out of a resistant committee so that the Senate could vote on the bill, Sen. Sparks voted against the motion -- a virtual repeat of his 2004 vote.

If the Senate would pass this bill, Minnesotans in 2006 would see on their ballot the question: "Shall the Minnesota Constitution be amended to provide that the state and its political subdivisions shall recognize marriage or its legal equivalent as limited to only the union of one man and one woman?"

In the face of the Mason Dixon poll that shows 65 percent of District 27 voters want this bill passed and would vote for the constitutional amendment, Sen. Sparks has refused to support the bill.

We cannot assume that Minnesota marriage is protected by current law. Sen. Sparks must push for a stronger firewall of protection for the God-given institution of marriage by supporting the bill for Minnesota Defense of Marriage Amendment to the Minnesota Constitution.


Rev.; Reuben Unseth


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