LET Be informed on foreign policy

Regarding Mark Schnaedter's letter of Sept. 19 -- I couldn't agree more. Vice President Cheney and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld have said similar things for propaganda purposes to that printed in Jeff Reinartz's article in the Sept. 15 paper: "a tiny number of ultra left wing fanatics" (unnamed fanatics) tell you that the USA is responsible for the 9/11 attack.

Nothing could "disgrace the memory of firefighters" who died on 9/11. Even the lies of Bush and his administration to con us into an Imperial Invasion of Iraq (now a quagmire) -- a country completely innocent of any 9/11 involvement as Bush himself has recently admitted -- does not and cannot disgrace the memory of those firefighters. But the invasion, along with all the other violations of domestic law, international law, Geneva conventions (false imprisonment, torture, suspension of habeas corpus, mass spying on American citizens, etc.) disgraces the U.S. and our constitution.

I suggest that before Reinartz writes any further "insights," he first read some, any, books by Noam Chomsky, the most informed man on our planet about American foreign policies and activities. And to keep up with important current events with honest reporting, that he watch Amy Goodman's "Democracy Now" daily news hour. It is broadcast on FSTV and LINK from satellite and increasingly by other independent TV stations.

Gary; Wallin


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