LET Bradley supportive, helpful

I am the House chief author of the bill to ban smoking in Minnesota's bars and restaurants, "The Freedom to Breathe Act." I was disappointed when the bill was narrowly defeated in the Commerce Committee, and I share some of the frustrations expressed by Dr. Richard D. Hurt in his recent guest column.

However, Dr. Hurt is mistaken in his criticism of Rep. Fran Bradley.

Of all the members of the House, Bradley was the most helpful in his support of the Freedom to Breathe Act. As chair of the Health and Human Services Committee, Bradley set aside two hearings to allow both sides to present their testimony and to allow for questions and analysis by committee members. Bradley informed members of the success of Olmsted County's smoking ban, and publicly and privately encouraged them to join him in supporting a statewide ban.

The smoking ban would not have passed the Health and Human Services Committee without Bradley's support and assistance.

Doug; Meslow


State; Representative

District; 53B (White Bear Lake)

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