LET Bush has not made world safer

President Bush and the Republicans are out of touch with reality when it comes to the war on terrorism. The president keeps saying the world is much safer now. I do not believe it.

The Taliban is growing in strength in Afghanistan. Opium production in Afghanistan is out of control. The Taliban has a goal of regaining control of Afghanistan. The people of Afghanistan are fed up with the corruption in their current government. Iraq is now a training ground for terrorist. Terrorist activities are on the rise in Iraq. Iran and North Korea are building nuclear weapons because of President Bush's "Axis of evil" statement.

I, along with hundreds of thousands of people around the world, said that the U.S. should not invade Iraq because there was not enough hard evidence in hand. But President Bush said it was his decision alone whether the U.S. would invade Iraq. He sent us to war and now we are stuck with a bigger problem than we had before the war started.

We have wasted half a trillion dollars in Iraq when we should have been fighting the war on terrorism in Afghanistan and other hot spots around the world. The world is not a safer place today than it was before the war in Iraq because of President Bush's actions.

Andrew; Larson


Northwest; Rochester

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