LET Candidates offer distinct choices

The 2004 presidential election has been filled with cheap shots and irrelevant rhetoric. No wonder many partisans have logic blinders on, and a large part of the general populous is apathetic.

Despite the mud-slinging antics of both sides, the upcoming election is about fundamental choices, each candidate offering a distinct direction for our country.

Our nation must decide to continue in a direction of preemptive wars of choice, or a path of multilateral cooperation in a war against terrorists.

We have a choice between giving the very wealthy the vast majority of tax relief, or shifting the burden off the middle class.

We can have a president who advances abstinence only policies, while studies show these policies lead to higher incidences of disease and unwanted pregnancies and increasing incidences of abortions, or we can have a president who will restore a balanced sexuality education program.


We have a president who cuts funds for programs like Head Start, or a president who will not.

We have a choice between a president who is unconvinced of our impact on global climate change, or a president who recognizes it as a threat not only to our environment, but also as a grave long-run economic and national security challenge.

Beyond all the petty mud-slinging, the upcoming presidential election is about fundamental choices, fundamental directions, and will be the most important election in our lifetime.

Theran; Myers


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