LET Chamber welcomes employees

The sponsors of the Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce Eggs &; Issues sessions are focused on creating a welcoming community. To recruit and retain top talent is critically important. One way we do this is to ensure that our employees feel welcomed.

The Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce provides valuable programs on public policy and diversity for area businesses and our community. The Eggs &; Issues sessions provide a forum for our legislators to update community members on happenings at the Capitol. Attendance is high, and the open forum encourages public involvement in policy debate. As sponsors, we must make it clear that the comments shared in these meetings reflect the opinions of the participants, not the 2002 Eggs &; Issues sponsors.

We encourage members of the business community, as well as others, to participate in the chamber's Diversity Awareness Luncheon Series. These programs were developed with input from area businesses so they might create a workplace environment that produces the best possible outcomes.

The next sessions are:

May 29 -- Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Trans-Gender (GLBT) communities.


June 5 -- Trends and Cutting Edge Issues in Human Rights.

June 12 -- Hiring with Ease; Immigration and Naturalization Assistance.

To enroll in the series, call 288-1122.

Bob Groettum

Chairman of the Board

Rochester Area Chamber of Commerce

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