LET Child-care union unnecessary

Over the past months, SEUI and AFSME unions have approached child-care providers in Olmsted County. As a child-care provider, I do not support a child-care provider union.

The rallying point for SEUI here is the licensing fee, $250 per year. Unionized child-care providers will pay a monthly union due. Information I found suggests that the union due will be about $30 per month, and with any additional benefits gained by the union, the due would increase.

Providers must recognize that our voices are heard without union representation. Credit and thanks are due to these child-care associations: Childcare Works, Minnesota Licensed Family Child Care Association, Minnesota Association for the Education of Young Children, Alliance of Early Childhood Professionals. They have gained advances in the 2005 legislative session such as:

6 percent reimbursement rate increase

15 percent reimbursement rate increase for accredited providers


Approved video training for first aid and CPR

Training requirement increased to eight hours per year

Providers in Olmsted County received a SEUI brochure outlining these legislative decisions. The union does not directly claim credit, but one is led to believe this was their accomplishment.

Child-care providers have a voice through associations. Information regarding our local association can be found at and the state associations listed at These associations represent us with an optional, inexpensive membership, not a monthly union due.

Jackie; Harrington


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