LET City needs to grow responsibly

Rochester is growing rapidly, benefiting the local economy and businesses. However, to sustain this booming growth Rochester needs to grow responsibly.

Part of growing responsibly is limiting urban sprawl and revitalizing downtown Rochester. Another part is providing energy efficiency and preserving natural resources, which save you money by providing free ecological services such as flood prevention and detoxification of your drinking water.  

; As I look around Rochester, I see amazing opportunities for smart growth. With knowledgeable leadership and good planning, development can be managed to occur in appropriate locations.

As an environmental scientist and teacher, I understand the necessary components of sustainable development and am well-equipped to educate the citizens of Rochester on such practices. Rochester is seen as a healthy place to live. Let's make sure it stays that way. 

; I am a concerned citizen and this is why I am running for City Council Ward 3 in northwest Rochester.


What do I represent? Public awareness, wise community planning, responsible development, the environment, and energy efficiency.

Why me? I am hard working, objective, innovative, have strong credentials, and, most importantly, I am a listener open to hear all sides of an issue. I am looking forward to campaigning, debating the issues, and meeting and listening to my Rochester neighbors.

Cory; Rubin


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