LET Coleman exaggerates claims

Like you, I've received the literature from the Republican Party that has Norm Coleman stating he "created 18,000 new jobs" in St. Paul, a 9.7 percent increase.

According to the Minnesota Department of Economic Security, the average increase in jobs statewide during that time was 20.1 percent. Average unemployment rates were higher in St. Paul than the state average from 1998-2002.

Coleman also claims to have "revitalized downtown." Yes, there are the showy Excel Energy Center and Science Museum. But downtown St. Paul also has the highest vacancy rate in the state. Coleman has not only flip-flopped on his party commitments, but on issues such as privatizing Social Security, campaign finance reform, cheaper drugs for seniors, oil drilling in Alaska and abortion. Can we be sure where he stands?

I urge everyone to not let his or her vote be swayed by a lawn sign or a smear campaign ad. Be an informed voter. Know the candidate's stances on the issues, not just what their literature pieces say. Then vote your conscience. Hopefully, the winning candidate will do the same.

Mike; Lambert



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