LET Commemorate 9/11 with peace

The shock, fear, and grief of 9/11 drove home for me the reality of our shrinking globe and humanity's interdependence.

As I am still intermittently aware of these emotions, I ponder how I can be a presence for peace in my community. I will join others across this country who planned special events.

Tonight, at 6:30 p.m., join us in a candlelight walk around Silver Lake Park, starting at the West Shelter with the sound of bagpipes.

For a shorter walk, begin at the East Shelter or across from Silver Lake Pool. At 7:30 p.m. you will hear Rochester's church bells signaling the end of the formal walk and the beginning of a short program at the West Shelter. You may choose to sign the Mayor's "Prejudice Isn't Welcome" pledge.

I will also participate in the "Work A Day for Peace" option. I will join others on 9/11 or a substitute day or days, to contribute my time to a Rochester organization whose purpose promotes community, stability, harmony, growth: peace. CommunityNet (287-7877 or will assist me in finding a match for my interests/skills.


Consider giving all or part of a day's wages; alternatively, you may wish to send your contribution to an international grassroots peace-promoting organization. Let's remember, and actively work for a more peaceful community and world.

Lois; Kennel


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