LET Commissioners' infamous legacy

The last few weeks, I've talked to several people in state-level jobs about the snow job the Olmsted County residents received this last month.

Not surprising, they say they've had many calls about this. As I'm sure the county commissioners already know, it is not illegal (immoral, absolutely!).

Politicians like to talk about the legacy they'll leave after serving in office. This group will project terms like greed, arrogance, out of touch, deceitful. Since I can only have 225 words in this letter, I'll leave it at that. Commissioner Podulke stated he wished he wasn't benefiting from this and it wouldn't change his lifestyle? Then lets hear it for donating to your favorite charity?

At the very least, lets keep this issue alive until the next election and not let them enjoy our money as they conclude their political careers.

Patrick; N. Clark



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